2017 Winter English Camp(1st Day/Elementary)

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Today, we had some wonderful activities. In the morning everyone learned about what will happen in camp during the orientation. Teams also chose their captains. After the orientation there was a team oreo challenge with Mr. Matt. Students slid oreos down their forheads and into their mouths. Everyone had a lot of fun with the oreos. Next it was song and dance time. The kids got to learn a new English song and practice it with each other. The last part of the sing along had lots dancing and singing to the beat, but if you get it wrong there is a bonk on the head. 

P1. Opening Ceremony, Orientation

P2. Team Challenge1

P3. Sing Along

P4. PE


Oreo Game

Speed Action

Stack Cups

Do you love your neighborhood?

Sing Along

a bonk on the head